The Great Gender Expanse Tee (front print)

The Great Gender Expanse Tee (front print)

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What exciting times we live in!

Gender identity and expression has gone off with a Big Bang, expanding into an endless dimension of possibilities to explore! Even if you never questioned your gender identity, there are still discussions to delve into, stereotypes to smash and assumptions to question. 

Unable to be bound by a two dimensional linear spectrum, we all know it is time the language and understanding of gender expands. That's why we need our allies to join in on the conversation and encourage others to expand their minds.

Simply asking someone which pronouns they use is a great way to start the conversation!

So join us as we embark on an adventure with no fixed destination or end point and take one giant leap out into the unknown; The Great Gender Expanse. 

We can't have you discussing gender ethics in a non-ethical tee, that's why we print locally on certified child labor free bases.